At The Current, we believe that all followers of Jesus have the privelege to experience God in worship. Worship of God is to be participated in by every believer, not merely observed. We therefore, dedicate a large portion of our service to cultivating an atmosphere for worship as the Holy Spirit is relied upon to lead our church into the refreshing places of The Current.

For those worship artists looking for a church in which to both serve and belong, THE CURRENT offers an oasis where worship art is intrinsically valued, understood and appreciated.

We welcome anyone desiring to use their gifts through worship to contact the church to explore the potential for relationship within our body of believers.

Contact or call the church office at 972-853-8787 ext. 105

Throughout the history of the Church, worship artists have expressed their adoration and homage to our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ through many wonderful mediums and palettes. We highly value the worship arts and we recognize the unique gifting God has set within the church in the Worship Artist. Whether they are a musician, dancer, painter, sculpter, video, drama, photographic or media artist, we acknowledge the annointing the Lord places on certain individuals to create worship art that draws people into His presence and speaks to them of His love, grace, mercy and beauty.

Our Mission: To love God and love one another, experiencing the transforming presence of Jesus to renew and restore generations in relationship with the Father.

We worship every Sunday at 10:30 AM
701 E Plano Parkway Suite 103